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English Version: What is CT? @ Corporate Transformation

English Version: What is CT?

The classical management perspective considers an enterprise solely from the point of view of economic methods and results.

However anthropology, psychology, and neurobiology have long identified cause and effect relationships which make an enterprise successful. This body of scientific knowledge has established that the values and convictions of the people involved are the cause of success and failure. This dimension is called “Corporate DNA”.

Values and convictions determine the behavior in a company, behavior determines success. Normative structures and processes can merely influence behavior positively or negatively. Values, convictions, structures, processes, and strategies need to fit together in order to be successful in the long run. If you’d like to know more about why and how values influence the inner strength of your company, please click here.

Corporate Transformation combines economic success levels with corporate DNA and puts them into a holistic, integral context.


Corporate DNA can be analyzed extremely quickly and systematically with the methods of Corporate Transformation, not only in large but also in very large companies. This analysis is the basis for initiating specific changes (cf. diagram below).

Direct benefits:

  • Stronger identification with the company and its strategies
  • Increased motivation
  • Improved cooperation
  • Higher achievement
  • More innovation

Hence we strongly boost

  • a company’s ability to attract and keep talented employees
  • a company’s ability to create and maintain a high level of achievement
  • a company’s ability to make and maintain a resilient, stable, and flexible organization

Our topics:

  • We’ll support you, so that your business strategy reaches your managers and employees.
  • We’ll show you how to get your managers and employees to better understand, accept, and implement important projects and measures.
  • We’ll advise you how to get your managers and employees on board in change and turnaround situations.
  • We’ll get your subsidiaries and headquarters to work better and more efficiently together.
  • We’ll help you to get your business areas, and functions, and different business locations to work together better and more successfully.
  • We’ll support you to develop and realize strategies, that convince and inspire, and leadership systems, that reach people better.

Corporate Transformation:

  • Significant improvement of company culture: maximal effect by combining culture analysis, personal top management support, and change management.
  • Value conscious strategic leadership of the company by coordinating business goals and strategies, and the values of top management and employees.
  • Professional development of concept, vision, and mission in perfect harmony with strategy, business and leadership culture.
  • Ability to quickly and simply analyze large and very large companies and business areas.
  • Multilingual analysis instruments in 21 languages for cross-cultural analyses.
  • Very fast and efficient grasp of whole situation as well as differentiated, comparative analyses according to management levels, functions, locations, countries, etc.
  • In addition value-oriented people-based analyses, 360° analyses, team analyses as well as the respective value awareness developing processes.
  • Corporate Transformation uses CTT – Corporate Transformation Tools according to Richard Barrett.


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